Way of the Gun Training

Course Schedule

I offer a variety of courses for shooters of different skill levels at my facility near Talladega, AL and all over the country.  These courses are available to  law abiding US citizens as well as LE/MIL.

Shooting Gear and SWAG

I have a very minimalist approach to gear however I require alot from my gear.   Everything in the store is stuff I use and know that it works. If I don’t use it you won’t find it here.  More products coming soon.

For me shooting is a passion and a way of life.  My brand of shooting is Performance Shooting.  I define Performance Shooting as; Applying the correct ratio of speed and accuracy to dynamic shooting situations with a goal of scoring maximum points in minimum time with 100% accountability.  I believe that definition lends itself well to the tactical shooter as well as the competitive shooter.  I draw from my own continuing experiences as a tactical and competitive shooter ,as well as other sources, to help other shooters more quickly reach their goals.  If you are interested in learning how to score more “points” in less time and do it in a very safe and professional environment, this is the place for you.  I look forward to training with you! - Frank Proctor

Frank is a talented and gifted instructor. He has the ability to breakdown the components of pistol shooting in a way thatenables everyone to improve their accuracy. I will return for future classes. Thanks again Frank. Brian Dockery, MD

Brian DockeryPerformance Pistol April 2013

Great training from a very good instructor. I have taken 2 classes with Mr. Proctor and learned a lot in both. During a carbine class my rifle went down with a broken part in the lower receiver. Frank handed me his rifle to use the rest of the day so I could continue training. He is a good instructor and a geuinely good guy. If you are considering a class with him drop the hammer and do it. You won’t regret it.

C. JonesPolice Officer, Alabama