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About Way of the Gun

Welcome to Way of the Gun where shooting is a passion and a way of life. We offer training that will give you the skills and knowledge to achieve your individual goals. Frank Proctor founded Way of the Gun based on a passion for Performance Shooting.  This passion developed from a goal to win and was developed during Frank’s career as a Special Forces Operator and competitive shooter. We define Performance Shooting as applying the correct ratio of speed and accuracy to dynamic shooting situations with a goal of scoring maximum points in minimum time while maintaining accountability.  In a nutshell, Performance Shooting is putting bullets on targets quickly in any situation and winning in any arena, combat or competition. Frank has developed and continues to evolve a simple and proven methodology for training to master the 5 components of Performance Shooting: Processing, Control, Mechanics, Movement and the Mental aspects of shooting to win.  In addition to Performance Shooting, Way of the Gun offers training in beginner level shooting/safe gun handling, concealed carry and combat oriented shooting.

Way of the Gun operates out of it’s private training facility near Talladega, AL. The WOTG facility features 11 pistol bays with over 100 AR 500 steel targets.  WOTG has 3 dedicated rifle ranges out to 475 yards covered in steel targets. The rifle ranges offer natural terrain such as trees, boulders and vehicles to shoot from in order to hone the skills to win in any environment. 

Frank has also developed a line of performance enhancing shooting gear and firearms accessories all with a minimalist theme that provide enhanced performance without sacrificing reliability. These parts and firearms modification are available in the Pro Shop at the WOTG facility along with other proven parts and accessories made by our friends in the shooting world. 

headshot.jpgFrank Proctor

Founder and Head Instructor 

"I have served over 18 years in the military, the last 11 of those in US Army Special Forces. Over the last 7 years I have trained DOD personnel in Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarters Battle, Breaching and Sniper/Observer Operations in addition to deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. During my Special Forces Career I have had the privilege to serve with and learn from many experienced and knowledgeable Special Forces Operators, I have learned from their combined years of knowledge and experience as well as my own to help me become a better operator. After a couple years as an instructor for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, I was drawn to competitive shooting in May of 2007. My passion for shooting helped earn the rank of Grand Master in Limited division in a little over a year. I also hold a Master ranking in IDPA Stock Service Pistol. I have learned a great deal from shooting in competition that has helped me become a better tactical shooter. I bring my experiences as a Special Forces Operator, Competitive Shooter and Instructor to my courses. All those experiences combine to make me a well-rounded shooter and instructor capable of helping you achieve your goals of becoming a better shooter. My brand of shooting is performance oriented. My thoughts on that are; whether in competition or combat, the guy who scores the most points fastest wins. My courses are based off a proven methodology of understanding the Fundamentals and Principles of Performance Marksmanship, efficient techniques to manipulate the guns and move and perhaps most importantly, how to see fast. I look forward to training with you and giving you the tools to reach your goals as a shooter."